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EnviroApps, Inc., has successfully demonstrated using current technologies in various applications including, but not limited to pharmaceutical, environmental, automobile, bio informatics...

News star_icon At EnviroApps, we are dedicated to bring solutions to modern challenges using Innovative Technologies.


Our development process follows the philosophy of Agile and we have two tailor made process viz. scrum and 6DM for project management. Based on the nature of the project and service along with customer interaction level, we apply either one of these process for high quality delivery and project management.



Rowers row below decks, propelling the ship based on directions relayed down from up top. The ship will make it to the destination that way, but it would be so much more efficient if the crew could view the captain and interact with him more directly through a see-through deck. Find out why companies that want to maneuver better should strive for a similar degree of transparency and a company-wide agile focus



“Successful engagements always involve clear communication and a deep understanding
of the client's business situation.”

Discovering the real need in the beginning is as good as completing the project. To do this, we listen to you, we study your customers. We pay special attention to what they say, what they do and where they click. All EnviroApps Inc designers are avid observers of how real-life users interact with products and websites.

Draw a Plan

Failing to plan is like planning to fail.

Your project might have many important business goals. Each with various levels of priority and difficulty. EnviroApps Inc serves as the central planning and product definition hub for you. We will carefully study your technical and content constraints, and help you rank everything into an actionable roadmap that can drive the design process.


“Successful engagements always involve clear communication and a deep understanding

of the client's business situation.”

In this phase, we discuss various solutions. We do this by detailing what we understood from your customers and start solving their problems in a way that leverages the strengths of your business. We continue to discover fresh solutions as we define the conceptual design.


If the specifications aren't clear, the design doesn't exist

There is no mould which can be used to design all projects. Today, most websites resemble complex software products, and require meticulous definition before any development can realistically begin.


The above four phases power this phase & help build
what we call perfect products

Our involvement in development can be minimal or comprehensive depending on your level of technical expertise and resources. In all cases, EnviroApps Inc delivers well detailed and clear designs and specifications, and continues to provide ongoing support for development.


If the specifications aren't clear, the design doesn't exist

We make sure that designs are ready before they launch. All user testing, quality assurance and reviews are conducted within EnviroApps Inc’s testing environment, a site to which you have secure access. When all development is complete, we work with your internal IT department to deploy and launch the site at a live production environment

Manage & Grow

Responsibility doesn’t end as the product goes live

Change is inevitable. We work with you to make changes that have the most effect first, and provide for how a solution may grow in the future. We also guide that growth, by continuously evaluating the effectiveness of designs and building on their successes, increasing your ROI.